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Stamped Concrete

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Boring, plain gray concrete can be upgraded and updated by Mimcon in Dallas to a beautiful textured and colored addition to your environment. Stamped concrete offers the same practical benefits of concrete, such as strength (it’s actually higher PSI) and durability, as well as the aesthetic benefits of a beautiful patio or drive done in stamped concrete. We are Dallas ’s stamped concrete experts, so if you are planning to install a stamped concrete surface, or if you have any questions about how stamped concrete can work to improve your property, feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to answer any questions you have!

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is an enhanced concrete mix that is colored and patterned to resemble a huge number of other materials including brick, natural stone, ceramic tile, or even wood. The pattern is generally done with molds that are pressed into the wet concrete after the color is applied. A second highlight color is added to really bring out the rich texture. Two coats of a UV-inhibited, dirt repelling sealer are applied with a texturant to reduce slipping. Stamped concrete is not typically poured in the standard rectangular shape, instead bringing in soft curves and round corners. Many borders are possible. Stamped concrete is ideal for beautifying driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways, and any other concrete surfaces. Existing concrete that is in good structural conditions – no major cracks or heaving – can be overlaid with a ¼” topping and stamped to match.

While stamped concrete is not the least expensive option to install in Dallas , like all other concrete construction it is extremely cost effective over time. Because concrete is extremely durable, strong, and long lasting, you can expect your stamped concrete to keep looking beautiful, year after year with only minimal maintenance. There are no issues with weeds growing through the cracks – because there are none! Any quality stone installation starts with 3” of concrete, so avoid the additional cost by having Mimcon texture the concrete to look like whatever material you like! Additionally, because it can so convincingly mimic other materials like stone, it is generally much less expensive to install a quality stamped concrete surface than it would be to install the material it is replacing.

Decorative concrete can be simply done as with this pleasantly colored and brushed finished driveway with a “slick” finished 18” border.

Borders aren’t required for a fantastic look – you can just add a nice 30” concrete firepit for pizzazz!

There is no limit to the design and color options. This Random Stone textured pathway encircles the flower garden for viewing pleasure!

This is a beautiful stamped overlay in Ashlar Slate texture covering a pea gravel patio that needed updating. No removal was necessary!

This beautiful stamped overlay in Caesar Stone seamless texture was designed to complement the stone walkway – for half the cost of stone!

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