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Semco Modern Seamless Surface

SEMCO is an innovating surfacing manufacturer that specializes in developing coatings for floors and walls above and below grade. SEMCO products have been installed in residential, major commercial, and public projects worldwide. SEMCO has offices in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Mexico, South Korea, Puerto Rico, and Cambodia. SEMCO products achieve multiple benefits using a single system. SEMCO only manufactures environmentally responsible GREEN MATERIALS. Using these products will help you qualify your project for GREEN certification. SEMCO believes so strongly in their products, people, and process that they offer a FULL MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY on all installations.

Remodel Without Removal

SEMCO has perfected a method of utilizing the X-Bond System to chemically link to any solid surface at the molecular level. If the existing surface is stable, you can eliminate the time, mess, and cost of demolition and “remodel without removal” using SEMCO X-Bond System.

Finishes & Installers

A variety of finishes are available for your project. Please contact us directly for more information. SEMCO products can only be installed by SEMCO certified installers. Mimcon, LLC is proud to say that we are certified installers for these fine products. Our typical region is Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Please contact us directly for more information.