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Acid Stained Concrete

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Concrete floors are a great asset to your business in Houston. They are cool (it is estimated that a stained concrete floor saves you 15% to 26% annually on your heating/cooling bill depending on the amount of concrete flooring you have on the premises), easy to clean (damp mop), and easy to maintain (apply wax when needed). The only spills that will hurt them are solvents and strong acids – not products usually used in your home or business. We do have sealers that can withstand those chemicals, if needed. Mimcon has colored concrete floors since 1997 in Houston and in 23 other states (yes, we travel). Mimcon has experience with all of the types of coloring processes – reactive acid stain, water based stain, solvent based dye, water based dye, water and solvent based sealers, and urethanes. Let Mimcon come to your location and show you the palette of 40 dye color choices and 11 acid stain color choices!

Great durability: Concrete is an extremely durable flooring. A stained concrete floor is stain/scratch resistant, can be flooded without damage, and will not fade from ultraviolet light exposure. With minimal maintenance, your concrete floors will last forever. If you decide to go with another floor in the future, the prep is minimal to cover stained floors.

Maintenance: Many people in Houston have existing concrete floors and countertops in their homes or places of work and are wondering how to revive them. Mimcon can help you with this problem. Call us to have a look and give you an idea of what can be done. Typically, simply cleaning them and applying a fresh coat of sealer is all that is needed to make the floors brand new!

Who says decorative concrete has to be boring?

Our goal was to put the logo on the wall onto the floor, then put a gorgeous polish around it. How did we do?

Rich walnut cream polish

Add a little pizzazz to your space!!

This colorful floor is in a retail location in Denver, CO. Ready for merchandise and a million customers!

This beautiful, functional, easy to maintain floor is in a restaurant in Houston, TX.

Acid Stain will add value AND beauty to your home!

We can make your place exotic with some color and action!

Mimcon can make your space warm and cozy. We can add a beautiful, multi-colored star!

Mimcon has the talent, skill, tools, and experience to personalize your floor in detail!

Clear acrylic sealer really brings out the marbling in this excellently finished slab

Another room on the same job

More fantastic grays

If you are interested in concrete flooring, decorative concrete, or epoxy flooring give us a call at 281-787-5834. We travel anywhere you need us. You can count on Mimcon to get the job done at a fair price.

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