Who Says Concrete Can't Look Dazzling?

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Mimcon, LLC has been offering concrete staining in Houston, Texas and 23 other states since 1997. We rely on years of experience with coloring processes of all types, including water-based and dyeing, solvent-based dyeing and reactive acid staining.

Call 281-787-5834 to request an Estimate or more information we have over 40 dye options and 11 color choices for concrete staining.

How can your business benefit from concrete staining work?

Concrete floors are a great asset to your business in the Houston, TX area. Reactive acid staining makes it an even better option. A stained concrete floor from Mimcon is...

  • Cool: Stained concrete flooring can save you 15-26% annually on your energy bill.
  • Easy to clean: A damp mop is all you need to keep stained concrete floors spotless.
  • Low-maintenance: Beyond regular mopping, you can apply a wax coating for easy maintenance.
The only spills that will hurt them are solvents and strong acids-not products usually used in your home or facility. If you believe your floor needs extra protection, ask us about special sealants.