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Over the past several years, there has been a growing popularity for polished concrete, and this is because it protects your flooring from undergoing severe structural damage and deterioration. In a commercial setting, you need a flooring system that is strong, durable, and long-lasting, and if you are a business owner or you operate a warehouse, then you should consider polishing your concrete flooring. Concrete polishing serves as a way of strengthening and reinforcing your concrete flooring through the application of a chemical mixture that establishes a sturdy layer of protection for your flooring. The polished concrete also gives your floor an elegant and modern appearance that greatly enhances the visual appeal of any commercial setting. Polished concrete also simplifies maintenance and cleaning procedures, and it will significantly reduce the number of repairs you will need to perform on your flooring.

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    Why You Should Commercial Concrete Polishing

    Is this the right decision for you and your business?

    There are many things that you need to consider before you decide to hire concrete polishing services. We can assure you though that there are many benefits to hiring our professional concrete polishing services and we want to explain to you why the flooring is more versatile, durable, and visually distinctive.


    There is no denying that polished concrete makes it much easier to perform routine maintenance and cleanings. This is because dirt and bacteria will not adhere to the polished overlay, which makes it much easier to sweep up any trash or debris and keep your floor looking brand new and pristine. Polished will also resist scratches and cracking, which means you won’t have to repair for years to come.


    Polished concrete is not only extremely affordable, but it represents a cost-effective alternative to laid concrete. The cost of the polishing is very cheap and because it provides your concrete flooring with greater durability and strength, you will not have to invest heavily in repairs and resurfacing services. The shiny quality of the polished concrete will also provide you with more control over the lighting of your facility and allow you to save money on your electricity bills.

    Office Building

    The smooth and slick surface of polished concrete will enable you to establish a clean and healthy environment. This will greatly boost the morale of employees because it will show them that you are doing what it takes to protect their well-being by improving the safety and sanitation of the work environment. Dirt, grime and bacteria will not stand a chance when it comes to polished concrete.

    Business Facility

    Many of our commercial clients hire our services because they want to incorporate more aesthetic appeal into their flooring. With polished concrete, you will have the opportunity to enhance the appearance of your flooring and establish a pleasant-looking work environment that will stimulate and appease your employees. Polished concrete also comes in numerous shades and offers unique design options.


    Something that is not talked about enough is the fact that polished concrete provides a great deal of stain- and slip-resistance. This will greatly improve safety in your work environment by limiting accidents and protecting employees from potential injury. Stain-resistance also ensures that oils and chemicals will not seep into your concrete flooring and cause any structural damage.


    What makes polished concrete such a popular option for commercial and industrial environments is that fact it is so durable and resilient that there will rarely be any disruptions or shutdowns when it comes to your workflow. This means that polished concrete allows you to continue operating efficiently and without any interruptions.

    There are many benefits to concrete polishing

    These Floors Are the Better Option for Your Business

    From an aesthetic standpoint, there is no denying that polished concrete represents a major upgrade from traditional flooring solutions. Simply put, the polished is visually gorgeous and beautiful. The sleek and shiny appearance gives your flooring a much more elegant look which, whether you realize it or not, can greatly improve your outlook on life and make you feel happier when you are at work.

    Polished concrete offers you a level of durability and structural resilience that is unlike anything else. If you are operating out of a warehouse, then it is extremely important that your flooring can withstand all of the rigorous demands of an industrial environment. If it’s strength and sturdiness that you need, then you should strongly consider polishing your concrete flooring.

    The safety and well-being of your employees should always be one of your main priorities when it comes to any major business decisions, and concrete polishing will help you avoid and prevent accidents/hazardous situations. The shiny and slip-resistant qualities of polished concrete make it conducive to a safe and secure work environment.

    Easy Cleaning

    Concrete polishing offers a lot of resistance to moisture and heat, which enables your floor to breathe and avoid issues that arise with traditional concrete installations. The topcoat seals off the concrete underneath and preserves the structural integrity of the flooring.


    Moisture Free

    Commercial concrete polishing offers long-lasting results and will greatly increase the lifespan of your flooring. The sturdy and durable overlay prevents any significant wear and tear from occuring and preserves the structural framework of your flooring. Polishing your concrete flooring can easily increase its lifespan by 20 years.

    Hide Imperfections

    If your current concrete flooring features any visual blemishing or imperfections, then concrete polishing will easily conceal this. If there are any significantly damaged areas in your concrete, we can still repair them and have everything looking a lot better than before.

    How Concrete Polishing Works

    We utilize advanced machinery and other polishing techniques to produce a smooth and shiny finish to your concrete flooring


    The mechanical polishing process entails that we harden your surface so that it’s ten times denser than before. This is what will allow your floor to resist cracking and undergoing any structural damage. Once the process is completed, your floor will be much smoother and more seamless.

    Our contractors make use of a technique that entails commercial-grade grinding machines to grind down and smooth out any rough spots in your flooring. Once we complete the grinding process, we apply a chemical agent to your flooring that hardens it and gives it a denser composition. This is what enables us to apply the polish to your concrete flooring and achieve a certain look. You have the option to go with a shine that is more subtle and modest, or you can opt for a high-gloss appearance.

    Although it may appear that the grinding process is eating away at your concrete flooring, the truth is that you will not lose a lot of surface. Most of the time we are only removing about a millimeter of concrete material from your flooring without extending into the concrete aggregate.

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    Working With a Team of Certified Professionals

    We Prioritize the Needs of Our Customers

    Our licensed contractors can handle anything when it comes to reliable repair and restoration services for your concrete flooring. When you hire our company, we can assure you that you will be in good hands. We perform commercial concrete polishing routinely and we know how to repair and resurface any structural deficiencies in your flooring. Something that you should also consider when seeking service is that concrete polishing is a specialized service and requires a lot of skill and experience to perform, which is why we are perfect for the job.

    Our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and we do everything we can to fulfill our contractual obligations to our clients. Our professional crews pay close attention to detail and they never cut corners or provide you with service that is sub-standard. Our crews are also very very cordial and they will help guide you throughout the entire installation process.

    We also offer many financially feasible options for our clients, so if you are considering our concrete repair and polishing services, then we’ll do everything we can to ensure that you can afford it. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees and we are always upfront with our clients when it comes to the cost of labor and the materials we use.

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    Here Are Some of Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Concrete Polishing

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    Can you polish any concrete material?

    Not quite. Although you can apply polishing to most concrete installations, there are a few examples where we would recommend that you do not go through with it. Those examples include:

    • Flooring that is made of lightweight concrete
    • Concrete that has been irreparably damaged by chemical corrosion
    • Any outdoor concrete material made of freeze/thaw mix

    Any concrete flooring can be restored and repaired, but this may require an extensive restoration process.

    Will the polishing process disrupt any of my business operations?

    In most scenarios, you will experience very minimal interruptions, and this because we will work around your schedule during the installation process. We typically go in and get things done during hours when there is downtown. We can assure you that we are very quick and efficient: we grind down your flooring, sweep up the dust, and begin the polishing process. We ensure that our concrete polishing services are seamless and spot-on, and we will stay out of your way throughout the entire process.

    How long will polished concrete last?

    On average, polished concrete can last up to a lifetime if you correctly perform cleaning and maintenance procedures. The floor will also need to be re-polished periodically - especially in an industrial environment. All concrete will eventually crack and suffer structural damage, but the polished topcoat will greatly extend the lifespan of your flooring.

    What does the maintenance entail for polished concrete?

    Maintenance and cleaning processes are very simple and easy to carry out when it comes to polished concrete, and this is because the sturdy overlay seals off your concrete flooring and protects it from undergoing any significant damage. Dust, dirt, and bacteria will not adhere to the surface of your flooring, which makes it much easier to keep it clean and retain that glossy appearance. In other words, the floors are always working their best with minimal maintenance. Polished concrete is also stain-resistant and prevents chemicals from seeping into the concrete material.

    Why should I polish my concrete flooring?

    Ultimately, what it comes down to strength and durability. If you operate out of s warehouse or factory, then you need a concrete installation that can withstand all of the demands of a heavy-duty industrial setting. You also want to ensure that you can extend the lifespan of your flooring so that way you can avoid any potential stoppages or delays in operations, which can very costly and economically inconvenient. Polished concrete enables you to protect your investment while also improving the way your company does business.


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