Get a Commercial Floor That Will Last

Explore the advantages of epoxy flooring with a commercial concrete expert in Houston, TX

What if you could get an incredibly durable floor that would stand up to oily spills and hard wear and tear. Mimcon, LLC of Houston, Texas has just the thing. Epoxy flooring is common in day cares, churches, commercial kitchens, warehouses, repair shops and places where heavy wear and tear is expected.

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3 reasons to choose our epoxy floor coating

Worried about grease or oil soaking into a concrete floor? Epoxy floor coating protects floors from stains and normal wear. It's an ideal finish for shops and industrial kitchens. Thanks to its attractive appearance, it's also used in more visible environments.

Mimcon provides this flooring solution throughout the Houston, TX area. Our epoxy floor coating is...

  1. Extremely tough: While wood wears quickly and tile cracks easily, epoxy flooring stands up to the challenges of your work environment.
  2. Stain-resistant: The solid surface prevents staining by repelling liquids.
  3. Visually stunning: Epoxy comes in nine standard colors. Mimcon can blend custom colors to match color samples in special situations.

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