Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flake in Medium Broadcast
Varsity Ford - College Station

Custom epoxy paint
to Match Wall Paintings

Auto Repair Shop - MMA with flake
12 hr turnaround

This floor is installed in 1 day and ready for full use in 2 hours!

Oil stained machine shop transformed into a new beautiful beige machine shop

Metallic Epoxy Floors in

Metallic Epoxy floors from Mimcon are a new colorful and exciting look! These durable interior floors combine a specially formulated metallic dust into the wet epoxy, allowing the metal to flow as the epoxy cures, leaving a beautiful wash of flowing color.

Metallic Epoxy - Blue

Metallic Epoxy - Coffee Bronze Blend

Metallic Epoxy - Bronze/Black

Metallic Epoxy - Gray

How about a little pizzazz?

Metallic Epoxy - Copper

White metallic with a hint of Cosmo Gray