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Epoxy Flooring

Serving Houston, Dallas, and Austin areas

Serving the Houston area, Mimcon installs lively and colorful epoxy floors that are extremely durable for business or pleasure. Unlimited in design and color potential, these floors are colorful, completely versatile, and extremely durable. Floors that are fun and easy to clean, floors that are extremely tough and stain resistant, and floors that are stunning, classy, and elegant are drawn from the same well. Epoxy floors are routinely used in day cares, churches, commercial kitchens, warehouses, repair shops and anywhere a simple, tough floor is needed. They are used in any interior situation where wear and tear is expected to be high. They are also used in designing situations where the clean look and vibrant colors define the environment. Your imagination is your guide and is the only limit to what can be achieved using epoxy flooring. Epoxy comes in 9 standard colors, yet can be blended and applied in almost any paint color that is available. Custom colors can be blended to match color samples for special situations.

Epoxy Flake in Medium Broadcast
Varsity Ford – College Station

Custom epoxy paint
to Match Wall Paintings

Auto Repair Shop – MMA with flake
12 hr turnaround

This floor is installed in 1 day and ready for full use in 2 hours!

Oil stained machine shop transformed into a new beautiful beige machine shop

Metallic Epoxy Floors in

Metallic Epoxy floors from Mimcon are a new colorful and exciting look! These durable interior floors combine a specially formulated metallic dust into the wet epoxy, allowing the metal to flow as the epoxy cures, leaving a beautiful wash of flowing color.

The stripes are actually Aggie maroon!

Metallic Epoxy - Blue

Metallic Epoxy - Coffee Bronze Blend

Metallic Epoxy – Bronze/Black

Metallic Epoxy – Gray

How about a little pizzazz?

Metallic Epoxy - Copper

White metallic with a hint of Cosmo Gray

Other Seamless Options

If your location requires an extremely fast turnaround without sacrificing the durability of the floor, we can install MMA floors in quartz, sand, or flake overnight. Mimcon can put the floor in when you leave and it will be ready for full traffic in the morning when you arrive! We can also provide other systems to suit your needs, whatever they may be. Mimcon has extremely rugged sand broadcast floors up to ½” thick (for metal shops), non-slip urethanes, and any other flooring solution you may need!

If you are interested in concrete flooring, decorative concrete, or epoxy flooring give us a call at 281-787-5834. We travel anywhere you need us. You can count on Mimcon to get the job done at a fair price.

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