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Polished Concrete in Dallas

Looking for the best quality flooring in Dallas for your business? Mimcon grinds and polishes ordinary concrete into dazzling surfaces. Because polished concrete brings significant esthetic value while maintaining all the qualities your business needs to succeed, it’s the right choice for tons of industries in and around Dallas. Whether you own a restaurant, a chain of warehouses, or a parking garage, polished concrete provides a bright atmosphere and a low-maintenance option for any business owner.

Mimcon is Dallas’s premier concrete contractor specializing in commercial flooring. With years of experience providing a superior service to clients all over the city, we’ve got the portfolio of completed jobs and the necessary skills to complete your job to your exact specifications.

No matter the size or scope of your project, we’ll deliver polished concrete on time and on budget. Call today to learn more about what we do!

New Polished Concrete Flooring

New polished concrete flooring for your warehouse, restaurant, or office building is a sturdy choice. Combining the toughness and moisture resistance of concrete with the brilliant look of polished stone flooring, polished concrete is a sustainable and low-maintenance option for your business.

Polished Concrete Retrofits

If your business already has an existing concrete floor, Mimcon can retrofit it. Using special grinding tools, we polish the concrete till it looks unrecognizable.

Retrofitting existing concrete takes a bit longer than installing a new polished concrete floor. Often, Mimcon will apply a new surface layer then grind it down in order to make sure the surface is as smooth and perfect as you expect.

Benefits of Polished Concrete for Business Owners

Like ordinary concrete, polished concrete is a sound choice for business owners. Trust Mimcon’s polished concrete flooring for the following benefits:

  • Low-slip surfaces.
  • While it looks glossy and sleek, if maintained and cleaned regularly, concrete won’t cause slips and falls. Reduce workplace injuries and loss of productive hours with our polished concrete.

  • Moisture-resistant.
  • As long as oils and greasy materials are quickly cleaned up, your polished concrete floor will be extremely resistant to damage from water and other liquids.

  • Glossy, bright appearance.
  • Polished concrete reflects light and makes any business floor like spacious and luxurious.

  • Sustainable.
  • Did you know polished concrete is one of the most sustainable design materials you can choose for your company? If your warehouse is aiming for LEED certification, Mimcon’s flooring is a safe bet.

    What’s the Cost of a Polished Concrete Floor From Mimcon?

    The cost of your project will depend on the size and layout of your project. Ultimately, we can’t give you an accurate estimate without seeing your building and the condition of the foundation we’ll be putting the floor on.

    That said, we work with projects in the range from anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 or more. Why not pick up the phone and dial our number to get an accurate estimate right away?

    The Best Choice for Commercial Flooring in Dallas

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