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Polished Concrete in Houston

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Home and business owners in Houston are always searching for the distinct design that’ll set them apart from the crowd. For a unique look that lasts, you can’t beat polished concrete for floors, tables, and backsplashes.

Polished concrete is an amazing way to create a memorable design that visitors to your home or business will be impressed by.

Plus, the material is durable, versatile, and easy to clean. Mimcon is one of the only polished concrete contractors in the country, and an obvious choice for you and your building.

What sets Mimcon apart from other providers of polished concrete? It’s simple: we give you better value for your money. Whether you want easy-to-clean and slip-free polished concrete floors for your warehouse or are looking to jazz up a tired kitchen design with a unique polished concrete backsplash, no other company in Houston has the artistic expertise and the affordable prices that we can offer you.

What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is a tough, low-maintenance, and extremely long-lasting flooring option with an elegant finish. It is a state-of-the-art industry that has grown tremendously over the past decade. While it originated in industrial use, today homes and businesses alike are opting for this innovative flooring solution.

As the name suggests, polished concrete involves a cycle of grinding a concrete surface to the desired extent of shine and smoothness. It also involves the application of a transparent coating that protects and seals the polished concrete.

Mimcon uses the highest-quality products on the market in our polished concrete services. Our impeccable workmanship and attention to detail result in stunningly beautiful floors with incredible lifespans.

Similar to polished granite and marble or sanding wood, polished concrete can be performed to a variety of finishes, from satin to high gloss. These will determine the reflectivity of the finish.

With stains and dyes, polished concrete is now available in a variety of colors. Decorative engraving and stenciled graphics also give the impression of fine, polished stone in what is otherwise ordinary industrial concrete.

Both new and existing concrete can be polished. Mimcon will perform a full analysis of your concrete surface before the polishing begins.

What is the Process of Polishing Concrete?

Concrete polishing is accomplished using a variety of heavy-duty machinery. The first step is going over the concrete surface with a metallic matrix, made up of coarse diamond segments. These remove the minor blemishes, stains, and surface unevenness prior to smoothing.

Next, the floor will be treated with a series of polishing disks, gradually increasing in grit levels. For very high-gloss finishes, grit levels of 1,500 or higher may be used.

A sealer is applied during the polishing process. This will reinforce and harden the concrete as it is being polished. It also eliminates the need for final coatings, which can be maintenance-intensive.

Concrete can be polished in both wet and dry methods. Dry polishing offers greater speed, convenience, and environmental friendliness. Instead of water, a vacuum system removes dust and mess. Wet polishing involves water to lubricate and reduce friction. However, it generates a lot of mess.

What are the Advantages of Polished Concrete?

There are many reasons why polished concrete is such a fantastic choice to both residential and commercial purposes. One primary reason is cost savings.

In many cases, when the slab on grade is polished, no additional flooring materials are needed. Over time, the savings in maintenance costs will make the value of polished concrete clear. No dusting or waxing will be required—the only maintenance your polished concrete will ever need is an occasional damp mopping.

It goes without saying that polished concrete provides an extremely durable floor. It is resistant to stains, scratches, foot and vehicle traffic, and nearly every source of friction. It is for this reason that polished concrete has proven so popular in industrial settings.

Another important advantage which every home or business owner cares about is the aesthetic value. With the variety of finishes, colors, and designs, polished concrete floors are every bit as attractive as other flooring options. The look can be customized for any decor.

Lastly, polished concrete is an environmentally sustainable solution, as it negates the need for hazardous covering and coating chemicals.

How Much Does Polished Concrete Cost?

Dollar for dollar, polished concrete wins out against other luxury design materials in its class. Custom-made designs featuring epoxy express your individuality without costing you a second mortgage.

Significantly less pricey than hardwood and more durable and easier to clean, polished concrete is perfect for those seeking a luxurious look without luxurious prices.

You don’t need to install new concrete but can have your existing concrete ground to a beautiful smooth finish.

We use special diamond-tipped equipment to transform existing or new concrete surfaces into works of art—for less! In fact, compared to other materials for flooring, countertops, and backsplashes, polished concrete costs up to 60% less.

How Long Does Polished Concrete Last?

The best thing about polished concrete is that you get a beautiful texture that also contains all the durability of traditional concrete. When’s the last time you looked at a concrete building and worried about whether or not it would be there ten years from now? Not likely, we’d bet. Concrete’s lifespan beats hardwood and comes second only to truly luxurious materials like copper and zinc. Sure, your polished concrete might need resurfacing once in a while, but it says looking beautiful for longer.

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