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Polished Concrete is the new durable, time tested, low cost flooring from Houston’s Mimcon. Concrete can be polished in a warehouse to increase the lifetime of the concrete, to make cleaning a snap, and to increase light reflectivity. Along with these benefits, polishing will also reduce spill marks, eliminate dusting, and make tire marks easy to clean. We can polish your home, office, store, warehouse, or shopping center with (or without) a range of colors to provide a beautiful, softly lustered, long lasting floor. The floor is extremely resistant to scratching, wear patterns, and staining. Polished concrete requires very little maintenance and is very easily maintained at a low cost, reducing these costs to a minimum.


Polished concrete from Mimcon in Houston is very easy to maintain. Simple routine cleaning will keep the floors looking new. An occasional touch up with a burnishable guard coat and burnish with a high speed burnisher will strengthen the shine and durability with every treatment. After installation, the products used will continue to harden the concrete for 30-60 days.

Beautiful, durable concrete flooring.
Build-out began immediately after completion without ANY dry or cure time!

35,000 sf of dust free, easy to maintain concrete

More of the same beautiful building

Beautiful, yet protected, concrete for under $1.00/sf

Ready for action!

Great finish for a furniture store floor. No worries about scratching!

No limits! This office area was overlaid with self-level, then polished to a great finish. It's actually on the 11th floor on Westheimer.

Feel the soft, mellow earth tones in this polished floor in Bessemer, AL. Build-out will be completed without needing to cover the floor. It’s THAT durable!

Darker Earth tones in this Citrus Park, Florida commercial location. This floor is 1 year old with NO maintenance!

The same darker Earth tones in this Panama City Beach, Florida commercial location. This floor is 1 year old with NO maintenance!

This beautiful terra cotta colored floor in Austin, TX is ready to be stocked from wall to wall with couches and appliances. Build-out didn’t harm it! No worries about the merchandise either!

This colorful floor in Del Ray Beach, FL will be merchandised at 7:00 AM!

Another fantastic floor in Walnut in Austin, TX. Build-out was done ON the floor. Ready for couches and refrigerators!

Build-out started less than 1 hour after we finished this amazing polished floor in Waldorf, MD. That includes 50 people, tools, ladders, and lifts! No worries!

If you are interested in concrete flooring, decorative concrete, or epoxy flooring give us a call at 281-787-5834. We travel anywhere you need us. You can count on Mimcon to get the job done at a fair price.

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