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    Choose Your Decorative Concrete Project


    A luxury design trend that you can steal for your home or business. Choose your finish and compliment your space with polished concrete floors and surfaces.


    The Finish

    Different tastes require different finishes. We can create high gloss, low sheen, and matte finishing options.


    Polished concrete wears exceptionally well in high-traffic areas and holds up to heavy equipment or furniture.


    Make cleanup easier than ever with polished concrete floors. Spend more time enjoying them and less time maintaining them.


    Create an experience for your visitors or customers by setting the tone and professionalism of your spaces. Polished concrete is a luxury finish.

    Concrete Coating Benefits


    How Our Services Impact Your Home or Business

    Every dollar you put into your home or business needs to have a purpose and value. For residential clients, this means your concrete project should compliment your home and add value to your property. For our business partners, we focus on function and purpose, so you're not spending more time and dollars maintaining your floors. Here is a look at the benefits of concrete coatings, for either home or office settings.


    As you likely know, concrete is one of the most substantial materials in the construction market. We build some of the biggest buildings, bridges, and roadways because of its dependability and affordability. When you begin with this material and then treat it to suit your purpose, you're making a smart investment for the lifetime of that project. When stacked against other material options, concrete coatings and treatments win in cost and longevity. Not only will you have a strong product for your space, but you'll increase your property value or business value by simply choosing this material.


    If you have ever had to care for hardwood floors, tile, stonework, slate, or similar materials, you already know how expensive it is. You might also be familiar with the complications that you often run into. The beauty of concrete coatings is that you are working with a material that is easily found in nature and is often easier to repair if damaged. On the other side, concrete coatings make clean up a snap. Our finishes, such as polished concrete, will help prevent staining, scratching, scuffing, and the like.



    Our concrete projects are designed to last a lifetime. No, really, with the proper care and attention, your floors and surfaces can outlast your residency in your home. Coatings and sealing treatments will give you an impressive shelf life. Something else we find with these treatments, they are classic. So not only is the product superior due to its strength, the treatments are aesthetically timeless. This means you won't be replacing your floors or surfaces every couple of years because they look dated. Imagine not having to go flooring shopping for the foreseeable future.


    Since these coatings are versatile and can be made to adapt to various spaces, they are a great option if safety is your priority. This might be a major point if you have kids who like to run around your concrete pool deck. Further, this is a top priority for business owners who need to keep both their staff and customers free of harm. We can add textures to your concrete projects that will prevent slip and fall accidents. Since the floors are not porous, you won't have to worry about chemicals seeping into and contaminating your floors and surfaces. And finally, concrete coatings are more fire-resistant than most any other material on the market. This gives homeowners and business owners peace of mind.



    This might be the most popular benefit of concrete projects with our concrete finishing company. The ability to customize, on multiple levels, allows our clients to get exactly what they want. We will be able to color match or tone to compliment your spaces. We can also use stains to add richness to many of our treatments. We will use compounds like resins and acids to achieve textures that give you high end looks for far less than other materials. And the final finishes can add matt, sheen, or polished vibes depending on the look you're trying to achieve. If you're unsure about how to customize your project, we will walk you through that.

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    Choose your application


    If you're here, chances are you already have an idea of how a polished concrete project will compliment your space. If you're still wondering how these treatments can be applied to your home or business, keep reading to learn about some of the most popular applications.

    Polished Concrete Garage Flooring

    Chances are you've seen these high-end floors in auto dealerships, so why not have them in your own home? We can create a beautiful polished concrete floor that will not just look great, but also preserve the floor longer. Polished concrete will be easier to clean in this space and will keep dust and debris at a minimum. It's also naturally water-wicking, which means you'll be able to wipe water and other liquids away in a flash. Raw concrete tends to be porous, which holds on to stains and erodes the concrete faster. Polished concrete has a natural barrier that prevents these things from happening.

    • Customizable
    • High-end Aesthetics
    • Value add
    • Superior Performance
    • Easy Care
    • Smart Investment


    If you have spent any time on Pinterest lately, you might notice the polished concrete trends when searching for flooring. Businesses have been using this treatment for years, due to their look and performance. But homeowners are getting savvy about using it in their homes. We can use acids and color techniques to get your floors looking like they are straight out of an Italian villa. For minimalists, you'll appreciate the calm color pallets to choose from, and the soft matt finishes. For more eclectic aesthetics, we can combine the polishing application with rich colors and add texture to suit. And for those who want a floor they can nearly see themselves in, we have a shine for that.

    Polished Concrete Sunrooms

    One thing we have learned in the years we have been in this business, polished concrete can hold up to some serious environmental factors. This makes the material ideal for spaces with direct sunlight.  We love polished concrete in these spaces, particularly because they can be clean up so easily before dirt and debris make their way into the home. Homeowners with pets can use this area as a "buffer zone" to clean their dog's feet before going into the main living spaces. Since the material has superior durability, it can withstand harsh sunlight, extreme heat, and even cold temperatures when done properly.

    • Highly customizable
    • Superior strength
    • Safty Priorities

    Who we work with


    We are pleased to work with various clients across the public and private business worlds. Our clients are located in Houston, Dallas, and Austin.



    Homeowners are our biggest fans at the moment. They love what we can do to turn their basic concrete floors into something straight out of an architecture magazine. It's no secret, concrete floors used to be available to those with deep pockets as they have been seen as a luxury finish. But today, these floors are for everyone. We will work with your budget and install a floor that will look beautiful for years to come. Not only will you appreciate living in this aesthetically pleasing space, but this finish also offers your home an increase in property value. Ask any real estate professional, and they will explain how "hot" these floors are in the real estate market. We are happy to customize your floors to suit your preferences like high shine, low sheen, or matt finishes.



    Business clients appreciate the benefits of polished concrete for their commercial properties. In a retail setting, the product can withstand the daily deliveries, boxes, carts, and cleaning needed to keep the floor functional. In restaurant spaces, chef's and their kitchen staff can't say enough about how much easier this material is to keep clean. Our clients who have polished concrete in their office spaces benefit from this low-maintenance option with a lower percentage of slip and falls and fire-resistant properties. If you are in Michigan, we highly recommend Concrete Polishing Michigan as our trusted partner. Building management and cleaning crews don't have to work as hard to keep this floor clean, which frees them up to tend to other building repairs and responsibilities.



    The industrial environment has used polished concrete for decades now, and there is a good reason for that. You will be hard-pressed to find a more durable floor for the price and longevity. These spaces thrive in high-functioning atmospheres and offer one of the safest options on the flooring market for industry-based businesses. They are so basic, they meet safety regulations easily and offer confidence to those walking across them every day. Polished concrete can be made to be slip-resistant, fire-resistant, and safer underfoot. This is ideal for companies that want to go the extra mile in protecting their staff and equipment investments. We invite you to ask us questions about customizing these floors for your industrial spaces. Or, for epoxy, you can check out this epoxy flooring contractor in San Antonio.



    We serve the Houston, Dallas, & Austin areas



    Our business is built on customer satisfaction and meeting expectations. We understand how hard it can be to find a quality concrete coating company, especially if you're just starting your search. Here are our top five reasons to work with us.


    We are here to listen first and act second. We welcome your design input and will walk you through the project step by step.

    We understand our process and products, which gives our clients a great deal of confidence. We take pride in our project and want to exceed your expectations.

    Skilled Craftsmanship


    We are transparent in our pricing and don't believe in hiding fees. We know you work hard for your money because we do too.

    We offer various warranties depending on the type of project you get into with us. Our hope is this makes you feel better about choosing us.


    Superior Products

    We only work with the best products and manufacturers. This is a nonconditional relationship, so we know our clients are getting the best.

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