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Mimcon LLC is a company of expert concrete polishing professionals in Texas.

We, Mimcon LLC, hold the gratitude of delivering the top-notch concrete polishing services and demo for facilities and infrastructure in Huston, TX, and beyond. We have been refining our processes, our product, our delivery, and our customer service skills. We are proud of the reputation we have built in the community and within the industry. When you need quality concrete polishing, call on Mimcon LLC. We serve all of Texas with exceptional customer service and products. Call us today to get started.

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Polished concrete wears exceptionally well in high-traffic areas and holds up to heavy equipment or furniture.


Create an experience for your visitors or customers by setting the tone and professionalism of your spaces. Polished concrete is a luxury finish.


Every dollar you put into your home or business needs to have a purpose and value. For residential clients, this means your concrete project should compliment your home and add value to your property. For our business partners, we focus on function and purpose, so you’re not spending more time and dollars maintaining your floors. Here is a look at the benefits of concrete polishing, for either home or office settings.


As you likely know, concrete is one of the most substantial materials in the construction market. We build some of the biggest buildings, bridges, and roadways because of its dependability and affordability. When you begin with this material and then treat it to suit your purpose, you’re making a smart investment for the lifetime of that project. When stacked against other material options, concrete polishing and treatments win in cost and longevity. Not only will you have a strong product for your space, but you’ll increase your property value or business value by simply choosing this material.


The upkeep of polished concrete floors is complications-free. Unlike many other flooring kinds, they don’t need to be routinely stripped and coated with treatments which are expensive and inconvenient. They set you free from grout lines along with broken and delaminated tiles. Apart from this, polished concrete floors make cleaning easier by preventing stains, scratches, and scuffs efficiently. On the other side, concrete polishing make clean up a snap. Our finishes, such as polished concrete, will help prevent staining, scratching, scuffing, and the like.


Since these coatings are versatile and can be made to adapt to various spaces, they are a great option if safety is your priority. This might be a major point if you have kids who like to run around your concrete floor. Polish is ADA Certified non-slip and safe without added texture or non-slip. Further, this is a top priority for business owners who need to keep both their staff and customers free of harm.  Since the floors are not porous, you won’t have to worry about chemicals seeping into and contaminating your floors and surfaces. 


This might be the most popular benefit of concrete projects with our concrete finishing company. The ability to customize, on multiple levels, allows our clients to get exactly what they want. We will be able to color match or tone to compliment your spaces. We can also use dyes to add richness to many of our treatments. We promote concrete floor polishing as an economical, low-maintenance, long-lasting flooring option. And the final finishes can add matte, sheen, or polished vibes depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. If you’re unsure about how to customize your project, we will walk you through that.