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Are you sick and tired of your dull and unappealing concrete floor? Would you like the surface to become bright and reflective? In that case, you have to familiarize yourself with concrete floor polishing. It makes sense why concrete floor polishing has become more well-liked. They provide any space with a sleek, modern appearance and are durable and robust.

Both in home and business settings, polished concrete flooring has become increasingly popular. It is durable and low-maintenance and offers a sleek, modern appeal that may make any space seem better.

Everything you need to know about creating the ideal polished concrete floor will be covered in this post. We’ll discuss the advantages of polished concrete, the polishing procedure, hiring concrete floor polishing specialists, do-it-yourself polishing, and polishing costs.

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Benefits of Polished Concrete

Due to its many advantages, polished concrete floors are a common choice for many business and residential structures. They require little upkeep and are solid and long-lasting. Because they use the already-existing concrete as the base and don’t require any additional resources, polished concrete floors are also environmentally beneficial. 

They are a secure alternative for high-traffic areas because they are also non-slip. Polished concrete floors are aesthetically beautiful and reflect light, giving the room a brighter, more significant appearance.

Process of Polishing Concrete Floors

Several procedures are involved in polishing concrete floors, and each one is essential to getting the desired results. A process is given below:

Surface Preparation

A perfectly polished concrete floor requires careful surface preparation. Ensure that the surface is spotless, level, and imperfection-free before beginning the polishing procedure.

Clean the Surface

Once you’ve completed grinding the surface, it’s imperative to thoroughly clean the surface to get rid of any dust or debris. Use a brush or a vacuum to get rid of any loose particles before cleaning the surface. Use a mop or scrub brush, water, and some detergent to clean the surface. Rinse the surface with clean water until all burn is removed before polishing.

Remove Any Existing Coatings or Sealers

Any coatings or sealants that have previously been put to your concrete floor must be removed before polishing. A barrier that coatings and sealants can build will stop the polishing procedure from entering the concrete’s surface.

Concrete Polishing - residential polished concrete floors

Grind the Surface

It’s time to grind the concrete’s surface once you’ve fixed any holes or cracks and removed any coatings or sealants. By grinding the surface, you may eliminate defects and create a level, smooth surface.

Polishing Techniques

A concrete floor may be polished using a variety of techniques, such as grinding and polishing the top layer to produce a bright, smooth surface. Each polishing method has advantages and disadvantages, and there are a number of choices. A closer examination of a handful of the most popular polishing methods is provided below:

Wet Polishing

With the help of water, the diamond abrasive discs are kept cool while being polished on a wet concrete surface. Water and debris produced during polishing are removed using a damp vacuum. The procedures for wet polishing are as follows:

  • Use a rough diamond abrasive disc to grind the surface.
  • Switch to a finer diamond abrasive disc when the surface is smooth and grinds.
  • For a glossy finish, use a succession of finer diamond abrasive discs.
  • Use a concrete densifier to make the surface of the concrete harder.

Dry Polishing

During the dry polishing process, a number of diamond abrasive discs are utilized to grind and polish the concrete surface. A dust extractor is used to get rid of the dust and shining-related particles. The following are the steps for dry polishing:

  • When the surface is smooth and grinds, change to a finer diamond abrasive disc.
  • Grind the surface with a rough diamond abrasive disc.
  • To make the concrete’s surface tougher, use a concrete densifier.
  • Use a progression of finer diamond abrasive discs for a glossy finish.


Burnishing is a technique that creates a high-gloss finish using a piece of high-speed burnishing equipment and a polishing pad. During the process, the concrete’s surface is cleaned using a polishing pad and diamond abrasive powder. The steps in burnishing are as follows:

  • Water and a mild detergent should be used to wash the concrete’s surface.
  • Use a concrete densifier to strengthen the concrete’s surface.
  • Polish the concrete’s surface using a high-speed burnishing machine, a polishing pad, and diamond abrasive powder.

Hybrid Polishing

A method that combines dry and wet polishing is called hybrid polishing. Water is used throughout the procedure to keep the diamond abrasive discs cold and the concrete’s surface moist. The hybrid polishing methods are as follows:

  • Use a progression of finer diamond abrasive discs for a glossy finish.
  • To scrape the surface, use water and a hard diamond abrasive wheel.
  • Change to a finer diamond abrasive disc and keep grinding until the surface is smooth.
  • Use a concrete densifier to strengthen the concrete’s surface.

Hiring Concrete Floor Polishing Contractors

The best way to ensure your floor receives the most outstanding craftsmanship is to hire experienced concrete floor polishing professionals. Contractors are equipped to tackle problems that may develop throughout the polishing process since they have the proper tools, machinery, knowledge, and experience. They may also advise you on the best sealer to protect your floor.

DIY Concrete Floor Polishing

It is advised that you engage professionals to polish your concrete floor, but you can also do it yourself. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that the procedure calls for time, energy, and equipment. If you choose to accept this duty, you must behave appropriately to bring about the desired results. Do thorough research and get ready in advance.

Concrete Floor Polishing Cost

The size of the floor, the state of the concrete, the degree of polishing required, and the location of the project are some variables that affect how much it will cost to polish concrete floors. While hiring seasoned professionals is more expensive than doing your own polishing, the outcomes are superior. Per square foot, concrete floor polishing may cost between $3 and $8.

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